Deli Market News Features Wake-N-Bagel

Deli Market News wrote a feature on Wake-N-Bagel, and how we debuted our new packaging and Raisin-Cinnamon Flavor at the Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas.

Check out excerpts from the article by Lilian Diep below and read the whole article HERE.

“Wake-N-Bagel’s thaw-and-bake frozen line is made from a family recipe with over 27 years of success in the retail and wholesale bakery Little Shop of Bagels in Ashland, Oregon. The women-owned company brings the experience of fresh, authentic bagels into home kitchens.”

“Our new packaging went over great. With its smaller footprint on freezer shelves and the same contents inside, it’s a win-win for customers and retailers,” Angelina tells Deli Market News. “Our new Raisin-Cinnamon flavor received a lot of positive feedback from those who sampled them. Many people told us things like, ‘Great packaging,’ ‘Great chew,’ and ‘Love the name.’”

As noted in the release, the newly revamped retailer-friendly packaging is shorter to enable more options for placement on freezer shelves. Wake-N-Bagel products are found in the frozen section of retailers such as Whole Foods, Metropolitan Markets, and Market of Choice stores in Oregon and Washington. They can also be found as far away as Hong Kong, in City Super stores.”